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  • Końcówka audio LA4446
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    Integrated Circuit LA4446 SANYO...

    Integrated Circuit LA4446 SANYO Audio Power Amplifier, 5.5w 2-channel AF SIL13 for cb radio (e.g.: Uniden 510, 520 XL). Original 13p SIP IC, Casing SIL-13

  • Końcówka audio TDA2003
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    Integrated Circuit TDA2003 CB...

    Integrated Circuit TDA 2003 STi - for CB radio (Alan 100+, 199, Albrecht 4200 mc, Cobra 19 DX IV, Cobra III, Danita 1240, 3000 Multi, DNT, Dragon cb-220, cb-240N, GAMMA I- AM, Intek M-550, ONWA 6112 mk2, mk3 2-6122-31, Turbo, President Taylor III, Realistic TRC 446, Radio Shack 21-1574, TTI TCB-550, TCB-660, TCB-770, TCB-880, Ultra III). IC, Casing ZIL-5, , TDA2003V, TDA2003-V, TDA-2003-V

  • Integrated Circuit TDA 1905 CB...

    Integrated Circuit TDA 1905 - Audio Power Amplifier for CB radio (President Johnny, President Jimmy, President Billy, President HR2510, Uniden 510, Uniden 520). IC, Casing DIL-16, 5 Watt Audio Amplifier with muting, TDA1905, TDA-1905

  • Integrated Circuit NPC SM5124A...

    Frequency Synthesis Circuits NPC SM5124A, PLL,  processor for CB radio (e.g.: President Harry, Johnny, Stabo XM5012, UNIDEN PRO 510e/520e/510XL/520XL/500D/530e/710e, Cobra 31+, K40-7, Realistic TRC 435) The chip the VCO shifts directly from 16 Mhz on RX to 27 Mhz on TX by switching in different VCO coil inductances. NCPSM5126BP, SM-5126BP, SM 5126BP, SM5126BP.

  • Końcówka audio KIA7217AP
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    Integrated Circuit KIA7217AP KEC...

    Integrated Circuit KIA 7217 AP = KIA7217 = KIA 7217 = TA7217AP IC SIL10 = KIA6217 = CTC7217 = UTC7217 = CB 7217 - Audio Power Amplifier for CB radio (Alan 18, 28, Albrecht AE 5180, Cobra 19, 200GTL DX, Danita 2000 Multi, Maxon CM 10, Midland 77-092, Midland 1001z, Magnum MX, President Harrison, TTI-880, ZODIAC-M-3000). Original IC, Casing SIL-10, 5.8 Watt

  • PIC 16F883