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Volvo car refrigerators, SERVICE AND REPARATION, fridge spare parts, freezer acessories, 24v DC


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  • Hinge for Volvo refrigerator...

    Hinge for Volvo FH truck fridge mounted in sliding drawer under bed. Hinge for fridge door, lid, cover, hinge for built in refrigerator, internal hinges, with flap open at angle 180°
    Suit to Volvo P2652, 82077381, P82174077 Refrigerator, 82212505 China, BB 20379150, 20536799.

  • RHD 050 Refrigerator Door Gasket...

    Refrigerator Door Gasket, for the outside locker truck Volvo FH. Replacement rubber seal to suit Waeco Dometic CoolMatic RHD050 fridge lids.

  • Repair - service of the VOLVO...

    Repair, service, reconditioning of Volvo FH truck tir fridges. Replacement of refrigerant, control electronics, panel, compressor, thermostat, control unit Danfoss 101n0210, 101n0220. Spare parts. Fail, removal of a refrigerator failure, the fridge freezes or does not cool, starting of the refrigeration compressor, error E1, E2, E3, E5. Refrigerant leak, gas, refill, pressure, recharge.

  • Secop 101N0210 Electronic Unit...

    Electronic Unit 101N0210 (12/24V DC) – BD35F, BD50F - BLDC control module for compressor, DC Controller – startup and driver for Danfoss, Secop BD 35/50. Control box, inverter car fridge, electronic plate for the car refrigerator. Starting device, compressor starter. Driver built on the Dialog D0798BA processor

  • Repair of the temperature...

    Repair of the temperature control panel in refrigerators factory mounted in trucks Volvo BB FH 12, FH 13 to 2008year no. 20844063. Service of electronic thermostats, displays, control board. Error E1, E2, fridge does not turn on, only frost, does not cool.

  • Electronic panel, board for...

    Electronic panel, board for switching on, setting temperature control, control unit for truck Volvo FH 13, range model P2652, refrigerator art. 82077381, no. E218318, 130221, Rev 7.0 HJST, PIC16F883, PCB top digital

  • Danfoss Secop BD35F compressor...

    Compressor BD35F on R134a for mobile refrigerator, portable freezers bus, RV, camper, vans, small trucks, boats, , transportation of drugs 12v, 24v DC, Danfoss - Secop 101Z 0200 Hermetical, piston, cooling compressor. Application e.g.:  fridge Daf, IndelB, Iveco, Man, Mercedes, Renault, Scania, Volvo

  • Evaporator for Volvo FH12...

    Evaporator for fridge, suitable for factory refrigerators mounted in Volvo BB FH 12 truck model art. no. 20379150, 20536799. Cooling plate, cold plate fridge, outlines of pipes in the metal, capillary tube refrigeration.

  • Electronic panel, board for...

    Electronic panel, board for switching on, setting temperature control, control unit for truck Volvo FH 13, range model P82174077, refrigerator art. 82212505, nr E243951, CP8B 94V-0, 105B4194-02, 1130335, 457LF, 7805CG, RDA19, ST72F33, PCB top digital

  • Hinge for Volvo FH truck fridge

    Hinge for Volvo FH truck fridge, hinge for fridge door, hinge for built in refrigerator. Suit Volvo RS 20398817 Germany and Waeco made in china BB 20844063.

  • Repair, Service Danfoss...

    Repair, Service of electronic module for BD35F and BD50F (Danfoss, Secop, ACC, Cubigel, Wancool), 12V/24V control unit (101N0200, 101N0210, 101N0220, 101N0260, 101N0280, 101N0290, 101N0300, 101N0500, 101N0630, 101N0710, 101N0715, E 1207). Commissioning, starter of the refrigerator - BLDC. Troubleshooting 12 volt Danfoss BD compressors, 'Bumps' but then Doesn't Run, fridge wont start up.

  • Sticker for top DIGITAL control...

    Indel B original replacement membrane to suit top control boards on all digital Volvo FH4 fridge/freezer models P82174077, 82212505.regardless of capacity in litres. This is identifiable by the word "+ / -" on the sticker.