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Stationary air conditioners waeco for truck, SERVICE, spare parts and accessories, 24v DC


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  • WAECO Coolair CA 850S, RT 880...

    Fan for the WAECO Coolair CA850S, RT 880 air conditioner. Propeller for condenser, parking cooler, rooftop air conditioners for trucks, car blower Weco, Dometic. FAN SPAL VA31-B100/HD/IE-106A/SH 24V VA31-B100WPHDIE-107, ASH 20102005A.

  • Service, Repairing of the roof...

    Service, Repairing of the rooftop air conditioner WAECO CoolAir CA 850S, Truck parking cooler CA850, CA850S, 4442700222, 9100100027, 9100100024, 9100100026, VA31-B100/HD/IE-106A/SH 24V, BSA645CR-R1, G41BC10UD, IRF1010N, IRFI3205, 11196012

  • Repair of the Dometic WAECO...

    Repair Dometic WAECO CoolAir RT880 roof air conditioner, parking cooler, service, regeneration, does not cool, heats up, error codes LO, L0, F04, 07, turns off, does not turn on, hole in the system, inserting service valves, adding, filling with gas from air conditioning in trucks, lorries, tractors 24 V. RT880, 9105305551, 936000849, 44220456, 530W, R134a / 02kg. WAEKO, WABECO, WABEKO

  • Pump condensation, coil CEME...

    Electromagnetic pump for water, coil CEME ET-200 24V, 50Hz, 19W for Waeco CoolAir SP 950, SP 950T rooftop air conditioner, Dometic truck parking cooler, air conditioning.

  • Electromagnetic pump, coil CEME...

    Electromagnetic pump for water, coil CEME ET-200 BR 230 V, 50 Hz, 19 W rooftop air conditioner, Dometic truck parking cooler Waeco CoolAir CA 800, CA 1000, CA-800, CA-1000. Air conditioning 140PSR100LNE5ID, C.E.M.E. S.p.A., 14FQTE1424105ID, RIF.COD.1454

  • Electronic panel for CoolAir...

    Control board for CoolAir Waeco CA-800 roof air conditioner, compressor module, aggregate, control panel, parking air conditioning, electronics for controlling, powering, switching compressors on and off. Control unit, electronic board, panel PCB of the CA 800 rooftop, mounted instead of the sunroof in the truck WABCO waeko 24V, 08263156, V5.0, B52AG-24V-JP4.

  • Electronic panel for SP 950 WAECO roof air conditioner
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    Electronic panel for SP 950...

    Control board for roof air conditioner SP950 WAECO compressor module, aggregate control panel, parking air conditioning, electronics for controlling, powering, switching the compressor on and off. Control unit, electronic circuit for parking compressor air conditioning mounted on the roof of a truck, instead of a sunroof WABCO Waeko 24V, 13217077, EMV SP 950 S V9

  • Voltage converter for parking...

    DC keeper for Dometic, Waeco, RT 780, 880, CA 850, SP 950 air conditioners, LO error, 07 problem air conditioning turns off when the engine is off, stops working, does not cool, works poorly, voltage switch, converter voltage, voltage regulator, undervoltage shutdown, battery sensor. How to lower the voltage threshold