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Daf XF 105 – spare parts of fridge

Spare parts of original fridge, refrigerator, freezer, coolbox Daf XF 105

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  • Fan for DAF XF 105 refrigerator

    Cooling fan for truck Daf XF 105, XF 106, 1725652, 1794025, 1943737, XF EURO 6 refrigerator, for cooling the condenser and the compressor Danfoss, Secop BD35. Equivalent, replacement YHWF-9025, Axial Fan BWM, DF09255 DongGuan Big Wisdom Motor, DFB922512L Young Lin Tech co. Ltd NR DAF 1687184 blower blades DC 12V; 1,6W

  • Mechanical thermostat for DAF XF...

    Danfoss original mechanical thermostat for truck refrigerator Daf XF 105, temperature control knob 077B1115L, bimetallic thermostat. Fits into the factory fitted tir fridge under the bed e.g. 1725652, 1794025, 1943737

  • Evaporator refrigerator, DAF...

    Evaporator for DAF XF 105, XF 106,  fridge, suitable for orginal refrigerators mounted under the bed in a truck Euro 6, model 1725652, 1794025, 1943737. Cooling plate, cold plate fridge, outlines of pipes in the metal, capillary tube refrigeration.

  • Hinge for Daf XF 105 Euro 6...

    Hinge for Daf XF 105 Euro 6 and XF 106 truck fridge. Hinge for fridge door, lid, cover, hinge for built in refrigerator, internal hinges, with flap. Suit to refrigerator: 1725652, 1794025, 1943737

  • Secop 101N0210 Electronic Unit...

    Electronic Unit 101N0210 (12/24V DC) – BD35F, BD50F - BLDC control module for compressor, DC Controller – startup and driver for Danfoss, Secop BD 35/50. Control box, inverter car fridge, electronic plate for the car refrigerator. Starting device, compressor starter. Driver built on the Dialog D0798BA processor

  • Danfoss Secop BD35F compressor...

    Compressor BD35F on R134a for mobile refrigerator, portable freezers bus, RV, camper, vans, small trucks, boats, , transportation of drugs 12v, 24v DC, Danfoss - Secop 101Z 0200 Hermetical, piston, cooling compressor. Application e.g.:  fridge Daf, IndelB, Iveco, Man, Mercedes, Renault, Scania, Volvo

  • Fault Diagnostic LED for Danfoss...

    Fault Diagnostic kit for car fridge, yacht, camper with Danfoss, Secop BD35, BD50 and electronic unit. A flashing light-emitting diode (LED) will quickly communicate the alert code and direct the service technician to the problem. Display blinking, flashing, Troubleshooting Self Diagnostics.

  • Tilt sensor for refrigerator DAF...

    Tilt sensor for the DAF XF 105 / 106 / Euro 6 refrigerator. Fridge safety switch, tilt switch, anti-roll, position switch.

  • DC Power Cable 24V for refrigerator DAF XF 105, 106 EURO 6
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    DC Power Cable 24V for...

    Power Cable for refrigerator Daf XF 105, 106 EURO 6, spiral lead connected to the truck on dc 24v. Fits to fridge with compressor 1845851, 1794024, 1725652, 1943737, 1794025. Power supply cord, connection.

  • Daf XF 105, 106 fridge plastic divider
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    Daf XF 105, 106 fridge metal...

    Divider fits into the original, factory mounted fridge Daf XF 105, 106 refrigerator compartment. To partition the space of the refrigerator from evaporator.

  • Daf XF 105, 106 fridge divider,...

    Divider fits into the original, factory mounted fridge Daf XF 105, 106 refrigerator compartment. To partition the space for the drinks of the refrigerator.

  • Fan cover for DAF XF 105 / 106 /...

    Fan cover for DAF XF fridge 105 / 106 / Euro 6 tunnel, fridge propeller housing, for cooling the condenser and the chiller. Spare parts for truck refrigerators 1845851, 1794024, 1725652, 1794025, 1943737.