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Renault fridges

Fridges built in truck Renault Magnum, Premium, T-Range. Refrigerator, freezer.

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  • Lodówka do samochodu Renault Premium DXI - chłodziarka spręzarkowa tir
    • Obecnie brak na stanie
    Renault Premium DXI Low Bunk Bed...

    28 Litre is a top loading compressor refrigerator to be fit inside the standard under-bunk drawers of last generation Renault Premium DXI trucks. It fits under the bunk in the sleeping compartment, inside the drawers, thus leaving more space in the truck cab. Brand new, cheap,  coolerbox for tir, without freezer, by Indelb TB28AM. Under bed mounted.

  • Renault Magnum under bunk, bed...

    35,5 Litre Fridge to suit the Renault Magnum cabs is capacious and stylish refrigerator with a fall-front door and an inner sliding drawer. Brand new, cheap,  coolerbox with compressor for tir, truck, without freezer, by Indelb TB36AM. Under bunk, bed mounted.